Mo Mo is one of these rare places in Brussels, where sincerity and authenticity go hand in hand with food quality.

There is no cheating on the raw ingredients, all is done in-house by a Tibetan staff, and particular attention is brought to long-lasting products, which makes Mo Mo unique in Brussels, where ethnic tastes and healthy food meet.

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Momo is the original Tibean name of these famous raviolis

They are still unknown in this part of the world. We have chosen to name our establishements after this traditional dish, as they are ‘the star’. They can also be served as fried, steamed, in salad, in soup or as dessert.

Dumpling Process

The pastry is home-made with wheat flour and the right quantity of water. We then work on the dough long enough to avoid any nasty surprises.



One restaurant

At lunchtime, we propose a lunch set, healthy with unique taste, the dumplings are served with soup and steamed veggies.(10 euros)

  • Momos
  • Steamed Momo : 5 euro
  • Fried momo : 7 euro
  • Momo in salad : 10 euro
  • Momo in soup : 10 euro
  • Momo in dessertt : 5 euro
  • Formules
  • Steam Menu set : 13 euro
  • Fried menu set : 14, 50 euro
  • Others
  • Steamed vegetables : 5 euro
  • Soup of the day : 3 euro
  • * Salad : 5 euro
  • * Sesamed rice : 3,5 euro

vegetarian et vegan option

7 avenue des villas,
1060 St Gilles
02 850 72 48

Sunday : closed
Monday : closed
Tuesday to Saturday : 12h > 15h
19h > 22h

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